HealtheParadigm has a tool called DIRECTory, which makes it possible for all its members to access and maintain the over 10,000 DIRECT addresses for Providers in Georgia and in surrounding states.

HealtheParadigm is excited to be able to address the time consuming problem of manually keeping track of DIRECT addresses.

HealtheParadigm members have several ways to secure DIRECT email addresses. Many will use HealtheParadigm’s DIRECT product, others will use the DIRECT product that is included with their EHR, and still other HealtheParadigm members use HealtheParadigm's DIRECT product through an XDR integration.

This variability has resulted in a manual process to keep track of all of these DIRECT addresses. The DIRECTory will allow HealtheParadigm members to perform DIRECT address searches, maintain their own addresses and even sort and download address to be uploaded seamlessly into a providers EHR or XDR Integration. 

This tool will be available soon.