MAG Applauds Innovative Patient Data Analytics Solution’s Early Adopters

Four medical practices in Georgia that have more than 40 physicians who care for thousands of patients have announced that they are now using HealtheParadigm – an innovative health IT solution that enables physicians to generate sophisticated patient data analytics that they can use to improve patient outcomes and meet today’s quality metrics.

The practices include Albany Surgical, PC, Cairo Medical Care, LLC, Griner Medical Group, LLC, in Valdosta, and North Atlanta Primary Care, PC. 

“This is a significant development for patients and physicians and Georgia’s overall health care system,” says Frank McDonald, M.D., M.B.A., the president of the Medical Association of Georgia (MAG), which endorses HealtheParadigm. “We applaud these physicians and practices for demonstrating great vision and leadership.”

North Atlanta Primary Care CEO and Medical Director Thomas Bat, M.D., explains that, “There are dramatic changes taking place within the health care system, which means that we need to adapt and evolve as physicians and practices. Having assessed this solution in great depth and detail, we are confident that HealtheParadigm will help us to deliver better patient care in a better and more cost-effective and efficient way –and we are also convinced that it will give us a strategic business advantage.”

Griner Medical Group Chief Medical Officer Brian Griner, M.D., adds that, “Deploying the MAG-endorsed HealtheParadigm across our practices drives the common goal of delivering the best possible patient care and benefits our entire state’s medical community. We are excited to be a part of this physician-led solution.”

North Atlanta Primary Care has nearly 90,000 active patients, while the Griner Medical Group has about 15,000.

Dr. McDonald stresses that, HealtheParadigm enables physicians to share patient data in a near real-time and seamless way – whether the patient or physician is in downtown Atlanta or a small town in a rural part of the state, 24/7.”

He also notes that, “Physicians can use HealtheParadigm’s data analytics dashboard features to enhance patient care and reduce duplicities and inefficiencies and costs.”

And Dr. McDonald explains that, “HealtheParadigm enables the use of sophisticated analyses across patients’ longitudinal medical records, which includes clinical data submitted by every other participant that is part of the HealtheParadigm health information exchange network.”

Finally, Dr. McDonald believes that HealtheParadigm participants have “additional peace of mind” knowing that its advisory committee consists of physicians from different specialties and practice settings.  

A number of other medical practices are expected to begin using HealtheParadigm in the near future.

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