Participant FAQ

What is a Health Information Organization (HIO)?
An HIO is an organization that implements, coordinates and oversees the exchange of electronic health information. HealtheParadigm is an HIO that oversees this process for health care providers in Georgia and also supports the exchange of information with other authorized HIOs and federal agencies.

What is Health Information Exchange (HIE)?
HIE is the electronic exchange of clinical information among health care organizations. This exchange of patient clinical data allows physicians, nurses, and other health care providers to securely and efficiently access patients’ health records.

Why is health information exchange important?
HIE allows health care providers to quickly access their patients’ data across disparate health care systems, reducing treatment delays and enhancing clinical decision making. Additionally, HIE improves patient care coordination and transitions of care by allowing health care professionals to access their patients’ most recent test results, procedures, diagnosis, medications, allergies and more.

How can I exchange health information in Georgia?
To receive more information regarding the exchange or health information in Georgia please contact HealtheParadigm at 877.921.7196.

What patient data comes into an HIO?
Patient data that is received by the HIO may include: a list of facilities where the patient was seen, admit and discharge dates, lab results, procedures and diagnoses, current and past medications, allergies, chief complaint, visit notes, operation notes and the patients’ primary care providers. 
What is DIRECT?
HealtheParadigm DIRECT is HIPAA compliant messaging that allows providers and clinical staff to securely send and receive health information on shared patients. DIRECT messages are encrypted and can only be sent to verified recipients that also use DIRECT messaging. DIRECT messaging allows providers to meet Meaningful Use requirements such as Transitions of Care.

Will HealtheParadigm connect with other HIOs?
HealtheParadigm will connect with other HIOs in Georgia and across the nation. HealtheParadigm will also connect with public health agencies, federal agencies such as the Veteran’s Administration, national lab companies and prescription monitoring programs.