What is HealtheParadigm?

HealtheParadigm is the physician-led health information exchange (HIE) in Georgia delivered in partnership with the Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) and KONZA. HealtheParadigm offers bi-directional interfaces allowing physicians, clinics and hospitals to view the data in the exchange within their EHR. It also provides meaningful data analytics presented in easy-to-use web-based dashboards, NCQA and Drummond certified quality metric reporting, patient alerting, and an ONC-certified personal health record.

Who benefits from HealtheParadigm?

Patients, physicians, health care facilities, and other members of the health care team realize the benefits of such a forward-thinking endeavor. While using connectivity to improve patient point-of-care encounters, this partnership empowers the Georgia health care community as they transition to the new models of health care delivery, quality reporting, performance-based payments and the focus on improving population health.

How is HealtheParadigm different than other HIEs in Georgia?

HealtheParadigm provides bi-directional interfaces allowing physicians to view the exchange within their EHR. It also provides the data analytics, quality metric calculations, alerting, personal health records for patients and dashboards that support ACOs. To our knowledge neither GaHIN nor GRAChIE provide these services. The HealtheParadigm network plans to work collaboratively with GaHIN and GRAChIE in 2019 to help make interoperability a reality in Georgia.

HealtheParadigm is built upon a proven model which has been operating in Kansas for nearly a decade.

How does HealtheParadigm make HIE participation affordable?

Two unique factors in the HealtheParadigm equation keep fees reasonable. First, the physician-led approach ensures physicians’ needs are at the forefront of the MAG effort. Second, replication of a tried and true model developed by KHIN means the technology is proven. HealtheParadigm is able to leverage the already existing technology partner relationships, integration protocols, and project team expertise KONZA has to offer.

The network, including the data-sharing technology infrastructure and business intelligence reporting capabilities, is built on a low cost subscription model. Live Oak participants benefit from a discounted monthly subscription fee.

About Medical Association of Georgia (MAG)

Founded in 1849, MAG is the leading advocate for physicians in the state of Georgia with more than 7,800 members, including physicians in every specialty and practice setting. MAG focuses on legislative, legal and third party payer issues.